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Trauma Therapy

Just about everyone I work with has experienced significant trauma and stress: you are definitely not alone. Because every course of therapy is different, I don’t yet know what our work together might look like. But I do know that it has the power to be life-changing.


If you have experienced trauma or toxic stress, you may be finding it difficult eat, sleep, focus, calm down, feel excited, or be in relationships in the ways that you want. Whatever reaction you’re currently having was very helpful to you at one time, but if it’s no longer serving you then we can work on that. Most of the time we would do this by talking about what’s going on in your life right now, and figuring out how to understand it in the context of your past experiences. 


If you are transgender, gender expansive, or otherwise full of gender feels, come on in. I specialize in working with TGE older adolescents and young adults. 


I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans and Cigna. If you have a different kind of health insurance, you might want to take a look at your out of network benefits for behavioral telehealth—many people are unaware that they can get much of their therapy costs covered by their insurance in this way. My full out-of-pocket fee is $200, and I hold a number of sliding scale spaces for people without insurance—particularly for unemployed or underemployed BIPOC trans femmes, or otherwise multiply marginalized individuals. Currently, I work entirely via telehealth.



If therapy isn’t right for you right now, but you’re a trans person who could use some support around self-regulation, this e-book--written by trans and gender expansive clinicians, might be helpful for you. Every chapter is written by a different person, in a different style, and about a different issue with relevance to the lives of trans people who have experienced trauma and stress.

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